Easy Plan For A Cat Tree

A Tall cat tree is what is the requirement of many since the number of pets at many houses is more than one. Now in such cases it is a wise decision to invest in a taller and bigger house for the pets rather than a small and sleek one which would not keep them comfortable and ultimately spoil the very purpose of a house for them.

Some easy and simple plans that can aid your interests in building a house for your pets are:

  • Cat tree with a ladder – make a ladder for your kitty house so that they can climb from the ground floor to the first and from there to the second. This type of house can easily accommodate a cat family of a mother with 3-4 kittens.
  • Cat tree for bigger cats – build a suitable large suite for your pets if they are bigger and fatter.
  • Generally go for a tall cat tree with 4 to 5 shelves.